Kanon 2006 in Blu Ray – White has never looked so beautiful

I downloaded the OP/ED for the newly released Kanon 2006 Blu Ray boxes…and I have to say, it looks stunning and beautiful. Kanon 2006 had one of the best animations I’ve seen yet and giving it the Blu Ray treatment was something that was long overdue. This further strengthens my belief that all Kyoto Animation animes should eventually get a blue ray release because so far I have not been disappointed with the type of quality these versions have given. Look at Air, the Blu Ray  versions looked amazing, and even K-ON, which is not something you could call visually impressive but once its in BD quality it still managed to look fantastic. And now with Kanon on the list, I can only hope KyoAni comes ot their senses and releases Haruhi in the future because even if they all look similar, I still think Haruhi looked the best of the bunch. But enough about my fanboying and lets post some screens to show you! 🙂


Opening Screens:

Ending Screens:

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