Seitokai no Ichizon 11 – 1 down, 3 to go!

OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!! Seitokai 11!!! Sugisaki you are the man!! ermm *cough* *cough* Yeah this was a good episode of Seitokai…IMO one of the best ones (again)

It starts with a flashback of Ken in first year…he seems to be trying to find some advice on how to become a better man, so he asks this annonymous user called Snow for help. The resulting convo ensured laughs

Its almost like im on 4chan

It turns out that conversation carried a year prior to the events of the actual show was between Mafuyu (Snow) and Ken (Key), it also seems like Ken might have dealt a pre-emptive strike on Mafuyu as well!

I'll admit Mafuyu is adorable..I d'awwwww HARD

Back on the real timeline it appears Ken is sick with a fever so he couldnt show up to the counsil…when they guess he would try to come anyways their guesses were not far off…

So how much is that in celcius?

However it appears Kurimu was more than glad that Ken was missing

why u so heartless?

Her motives for being so overjoyed was that they could finally have a decent meeting without him interrupting…however after trying a bunch of times and failing to have a decent meeting they realize without him the jokes they play are not as satisfying

You can never leave the leading man out of the play

After that they start to talk about part time jobs and the different type of things they would work on. Minatsu would be involved in physical activities, Chizuru was doing some kind of secret goverment job (lol), while Mafuyu would work on a blog for people to buy games/BL, etc…of course in order to get people to visit she uses her fake tsundere and yandere characters which were so lol to watch xD

They then realize that they have a lot of paper work to do, upon searching Ken’s bag for the stamp they find a lot of items…some more weird than others, for example when they found some gym bloomers…

it was as funny and unexpected as the first time

There were of course A LOT more items there

you mean not everyone reads all those kinds of books?

When they finish searching the whole bag they realize Ken might not be an ordinary person lol

Ken would be a good Archer

Like all Seitokai episodes, after the fun was over the “drama” part of the episode came in…this time in the form of the counsil going to Ken’s house to visit him so he gets better, but on the way they run into some old friends of Ken from middle school, of course, Lilicia was on the trail

I totally think you're right

They started saying how they should stay away from Ken and how creepy he was, this of course did not please the girls. We also learn a bit more of Ken’s background

A player since day 1

After running their mouths so much and getting a well deserved punishment by mafuyu, minatsu, and Chizuru…Lilicia happens to run into them as well, when they try to tellher about what happened so she could write on it…she owns them in a completely different way

Best way to defend someone...ever

After visiting Ken at his home we go back to the flashback scene between him and Mafuyu, this time she just looks as him sleep as he is now protected from the snow by the igloo Mafuyu most likely build for him (d’awwwwwwwwww)

This was really heart warming ^_^

The next day…the unexpected happens


WOW!! Shiina Mafuyu…the younger sister…I swear to god when the show started she looked like the one with the least interest in Sugisaki…but now suddently, she is the first one to fall for Ken!? I honestly did not see this coming…and I am very pleasantly surprised as well because she is my fav girl on this show ^_^
I really hope they follow up on this confession and they dont shrug it off…episode 12 is the final episode (or so i hear) and its already out as RAW…ECLIPSE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SUB THIS QUICK!!! This show is now one of my favourites for this season.

I more thing, with this confession…Mafuyu is now undergone a step up from the other girls in the harem!

Indeed she has! Dont fall behind now!

You can find all the Seitokai episodes for download and discussion at

Seitokai no Ichizon Direct Download hosted by Baka-Wolf

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  1. Jave says:

    I’m not sure,but…
    Epi 12 is not the ending…

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