11Eyes 11 – The greatest ceremony

Why 11Eyes…why do you always force me to write so much about you every episode!!! Could it be that I actually I am enjoying watching you the most now? Surely that cannot be…but still, this one always forces me to write something quickly.

The episode begins with Liselotte waking up after Yuka revived her by throwing Yukiko’s fragment to her…AND YET THEY STILL HAVENT EXPLAINED WHY SHE DID SUCH A THING!!! Was it because she is just severely retarded? Did she not know that reviving the witch would only cause her to go ahead and hunt Kakeru the most? I cannot understand why the bitch would do such a thing…and neither can Kakeru

Dont you regret lovig this dumb bitch?

After Liselotte awakens, her first act is show her thanks to Yuka, by taking her fragment! Even though Kakeru tried to use his eye of Aeon to protect her from her attack, it was too strong to block and the end result was extremely enjoyable

I could loop this all day

LISELOTTE IS NOW THE MOST AWESOME CHARACTER IN 11EYES BECAUSE SHE ‘KILLED’ YUKA!! So..what were Yuka’s last words before she died?

a fitting end....

Avaritia in order to prevent Liselotte from gaining more power from other fragments decides to send Kakaru, Misuzu, and Shiori back to the regular world

Shiori is too pro to allow such a thing

You know….I really like Liselotte for some reason, its probably her Suigintou-eske look that really appeals to me…something about the gothic lolita kinda fascinates I guess.

Isn't she adorably evil?

Meanwhile in the red night Avaritia finally shows his true powers in order to fight Liselotte, I wasnt expecting it either


But that was not the only person who showed up to the fight…

omg she actually said something

So Kukuri was actually Abraxas which was the angel that guarded her or something weird like that…Back in the regular world Kakeru still wants to fight and believes Yuka is alive somewhere

Forget about her! Its just you and Misuzu now

Knowing that they dont have the power to beat Liselotte, Misuzu still has 1 more trick up her sleeve

ohohoho nice excuse thar

So using Yuka as the motivation for Kakeru to engage in this ritual for power with her, Misuzu takes the opportunity to add a few more things

See!? Why the fuck would u want Yuka now?

And so…while the entire world is being destroyed right in front of their eyes…they proceed with their plan

Who cares, this could be considered and "upgrade"

So after Kakeru and Misuzu became man and woman, the red night opens, but Misao appears then injured and informs them of the battle status

SHIROI!! ;__; in order to stop her from getting the voidstone ;__;

Misao gives up and is consumed by the Hell’s Gate, just then, Yuka appears from inside the red night, and calls for Kakeru

Yeah ok...kakeru wouldnt fall for such a cheap trick...


So Liselotte took the form of Yuka and used it to get close to Kakeru, using the opportunity to kill him there…dumbass Kakeru should’ve been able to see it coming using his eye of Aeon though…for his stupidity, he paid greatly

oh wow she literally ripped him in half

With Kakeru dead, Liselotte proceeds to take the eye of Aeon…Misuzu shocked from what is going on cannot move and is also swallowed…

so much for your "ceremony"

And so…everyone is dead, no one is alive except for Yuka but she is trapped inside the witch…the winner: Liselotte!

When the Seagulls cry, no one was left alive


Red eyes Kakeru? what is this development?

So Kakeru appears to still be alive, but this time he has red eyes, much like the ones Misao had….could it be that having sex wih Misuzu actually awakened some super power within him? If that is the case then he should do it again later on.

This is it guys, next week is the final episode, what will happen? Will Yuka stay alive? Will Misuzu come back? Will Kakeru die in battle? Who cares…all I want is for Yuka to not get a happy ending because for everything she has done…she does not deserve it. I have to admit 11Eyes has definitely been getting better and better every week, and if the finale can keep this up (and Yuka dies)…I will have no problems calling this one a great show. If Yuka gets a happy ending…this will be the worst anime I’ve ever seen…

You can find all the 11Eyes episodes for download and discussion at brigade.baka-wolf.com

11Eyes Direct Download hosted by Baka-Wolf

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8 Responses to 11Eyes 11 – The greatest ceremony

  1. Maria says:

    He should do it with Shiori.

  2. Rika says:

    I love your Umineko punchline. XD

  3. USODA!! Shiori’s still alive… Shiori’s still alive….. Shiori’s still… with me…


    Poor Kukuri, his return wasn’t even anything epic… in fact it looked noting but just a rushed up additional side character for that scene. Didn’t realize that Kakeru had red eyes in the end, though I’d prefer if the ending eventually will be saved by the casts of Crossover.

  4. godofwar7 says:

    such a crazy anime. kakeru kinda reminds me of lelouch though not as tactical or calculative or… smart… not that yuka in anyway way resembles nunnally.

  5. Me says:

    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! I’ll go and read some more! What do you see the future of this being?

  6. SHIORI says:

    don’t worry mate!!!! i know as i have read and seen all the episodes….all the happenings of episode 11 were just the future kakeru had seen before saving yuka from liselotte’s attack and then in real, he tries to do suiside and the stupid(yuka) get a shock of thas and nullifies all powers for 1 second and shiori sends them to the normal world. and yuka is again kidnapped, or whatever, and they find her on the roof in her underware trapped in a crystal. the dragon distracts liseotte for some time and shiori sacrifices herself to trap liselotte between space and time with the help of her fragment. and kakeru wins. misao, before dying, transfers misuzu, kakeru, and the idiot(yuka) o normal world. so now misuzu is the alone leftwith a fragment, yukiko and takahisa are alive but don’t remember anything, kikuri and shiori are alive but not with them, and yuka is living appily with her beloved “kakeru-kun”!!!!!!!

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