xxxHOLiC ch194 – You may enter

Just when I thought this would be another random and unimportant chapter of holic…boy was I given a surprise. The chapter itself is mostly just random “chill” talk between Watanuki and his…piper cleaner? I never knew that tobacco pipe required just fine treatment lol Of course while talking the guy has to warn Watanuki about all his dreams

Knowing CLAMP...this could be a foreshadowing

But that is not what made the chapter so interesting…it was the end of it that suddenly reminded me that CLAMP is a bastard that loves plot twists that fuck with my head without fail.


I seriously did not see this coming, and now this makes this “WTF CLAMP!?” #472612…I dont think this is good news considering how last time these 2 met…the Spider Queen ate Watanuki’s eye. I am now really excited to see what happens in the next chapter and WTF CLAMP!! WHEN IS THE TSUBASA CREW SHOWING UP!! ;__;

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One Response to xxxHOLiC ch194 – You may enter

  1. Maria says:

    I wonder what Spider Queen will do in the next chapter.

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