Umineko no Naku Koro ni 25 – See you in hell

Once again, Umineko is awesome…this episode was awesome, and Ange is awesome. While I am also reading the VN (approx where ep 21 was) im trying my best to finish this episode while watching the anime so I dont spoil myself through the more detailed VN. But man…Ange shined this episode and I wouldnt have it any other way.

The episode is completely the world of 1998, 12 years after the events of Rokkenjima. Ange is now going back ot the island to investigate things. After arriving he orders his body guard to stand behind because toxins hurt magic.

It ALMOST sounds like a pick-up line

After venturing into the island and reaching a cliff, she explains how she can now understand magic and its true nature (which is love) and is ready to bring Maria back.

Wait when did she ever turn into a black evil witch?

Unfortunately just then Kasumi shows up, ready to give ange a beating of a lifetime. Of course Ange has to crack a joke at her having waited all this time for her on the island.

Why are you so awesome

Kasumi being completely filled with anger and rage and regrets literaly has her bodyguards beat Ange…seriously this anime is almost made to piss me off, first Rosa, and now Kasumi..FUCK!


While she gets beaten Ange finally comes to a realization than Kasumi and Eva both were similar to her and they both  had suffered throughout their life. And both had to take out their anger and frustration at someone else; in Eva’s case it was Rosa and Ange, in Rosa’s case it was Maria, and in Kasumi’s case its Ange. Maria being the only one to use magic to sever the chain of “payback” in the family suddently makes her realize she should’ve helped Eva…making Ange see the one who is controlling all this rage atm.


It appears she was subconsciously controlling Kasumi’s rage or at least thats what it looked like.

Still up to your old antics I see

Kasumi then proceeds to ripping pages from Maria’s magic grimoire/diary causing Sakutarou, Mammon, and Ange to beg her to stop…but like a nice troll, she refuses

DEEN makes the best troll faces

After seeing such an act Ange decides to no longer play around, and after a discussion to Eva about the true magic…she decides to show it to her herself


Kasumi of course not believing in magic does not heed Ange’s warnings and the result is obvious

The true power of MAGIC!!

At this time Eva returns to her real form, it seems it was more like the manifestation of her desire to kill Ange rather than being a witch..huh im not sure but thats what I think it was…either way things didnt go well for her

fucking pwned

I remember saying how you always finish off your kill with a badass line..Ange knows how to play it like one as well!

Ange's epic +900

The episode ends with Ange talking with Bernkastel things…I cant wait to see how this episode ends, apparently there is still A LOT left to cover which means we might be in for 1 hell of a rushed final episode next week…oh well surely i’ll understand everything when I finish it in the VN, for now…I have enjoyed this anime all the way and hope Umineko Chiru is animated in the future (but with barely anyone buying the DVDs…looks a little impossible atm)

You can find all the Umineko episodes for download and discussion at

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni Dirct Download hosted by Baka-Wolf

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2 Responses to Umineko no Naku Koro ni 25 – See you in hell

  1. Maria says:

    Ange’s white magic is so bloody.

  2. Game8910 says:

    bloody white magic is always the best

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