K-ON! vol3 ch43 – A new beginning?

A new K-ON! chapter…and just when i thought “this is it” flags where being triggered by this manga, suddenly a breath of new life gives the series hope for continuation. Also Azusa is too damn adorable sometimes, but Mio is still my #1 ^_^

Asuza with Mio hair = hnnnnnnng

Asuza with Mio hair = hnnnnnng

Now that the school festival is over, the third years start their slow disappearance from the school clubs and activities to prepare for exams. This of course causes Azusa some loneliness and despair, however…

That was a pretty epic 'orz' by Asuza there

The club decides to carry out their studies in the club room so Asuza wont be lonely, of course they also talk about what they want to do in the future and after some thought and persuasion from Mio, it seems like we can now see where this series is going.

K-ON! going to university huh? I'd read it

It appears this series is not close from over and its somehow nice to see stories go further than school since it’s not often to see such an event…the final stage for this manga is Budokan after all, so that mean K-ON! season 2 by KyoAni imminent?  That puts more things on my “KyoAni has to animate” list.

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One Response to K-ON! vol3 ch43 – A new beginning?

  1. Seems like this is where ep13 in the anime took place… Err, not really, they were still in the 2nd year that time.

    That last panel made me smile though, kinda reminds me when I finished my O-level and had to fill up a college/university form. Not knowing what to choose (and hated to stay alone), I just copied my friends’ …

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