Fullmetal Alchemist 36 – Foundations

Another wonderful episode of FMA, seriously this plot is one of the best I’ve seen as it never ever fails to leave me excited. This time the episode starts with Heonheim randomly injuring himself…his blodd kinda went into the ground though..is he like..searching for something using his blood as a tracking device? thats pretty hardcore if its true

How often do people do this in anime?

The flashback continues with Hoenheim and his family and how Trisha makes him change his mind about him having an immortal body and calling himself a monster.

real smooth there Hoenheim...

Its a noble thought to give away immortality for family

It appears he figured out Father’s plan while researching how to become mortal since he suddenly decided to leave home and that is how everything began, with Ed and Al seeing him leave his house with annoyed eyes (mostly faking it because he didnt want to cry)

That ends the flashback part of the episode, back at Briggs, Raven spills the beans to Olivier, and while she looks calm and cool while he rubs her hands and stuff, her insides can barely handle it

You'll get your chance, dont worry

Meanwhile while Ed and the others listen, back in the tunnel the investigation party suddenly meets with an unwelcome guest, it didnt end well for them

that sucks...

So Raven forces Olivier to put Sloth back in the hole and cover it back up, they obediently do so but right when they are covering the hole again, Olivier decides to stop playing around.

Magnificent execution

After such a strike, Raven falls in the concrete and sinks, and like all anime badasses, you HAVE to have a finishing line after a fine kill.

*claps* Bravo...

While all of this was happening, Ed and Al were locked up in the cells again to make sure no one would suspect they were plotting against Raven with Olivier, but Kimble who was also at Briggs takes the opportunity to reunite them with a dear companion

haha Bradly is a cold ass motherfucker

Its nice to see how the military is trying to keep Ed and Al in check by reminding him that Winry is in danger should they meddle in their affairs, its also served as a nice end cliffhanger of sorts, because the real ending to the episode is Roy Mustang receiving a message from Olivier from Briggs, I wonder what thats about?

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One Response to Fullmetal Alchemist 36 – Foundations

  1. Maria says:

    Sucks to be Raven.

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