Aki Sora OVA 01 – Healthy Love

oh wow…so by know we all know Aki Sora is the most fucked up ero manga one could possibly read, and when I heard about an OVA being made for it, I wasnt sure whether to be happy or disturbed…well that time has come, it is time for Aki Sora, animated version.

This OVA doesn’t pull back any punches, it is as raunchy and saucy as the manga version…hell in fact it might actually be trying to do it even more than the manga, this OVA drills it into u on its very first scene what kind of story ur gonna get.

22 seconds into the episode, and we are given this

The episode did a nice job at adapting chapters 1 and 2 (and I think even some of 3) in this first episode, some things got changes around but it was still a nice adaptation…

Anyways the episode consists of Sora’s growing sexual tension towards her sister Aki, and well…she doesnt seem to back away either lol oh also…they showcase one of Sora’s most powerful weapons, the crossdress

Ayasaki Hayate has a rival now

After more talk and tension, eventually they decide to do what good siblings do, take a bath together!

This is a pretty bathroom I gotta say

While in the bath Aki and Sora get in a “sticky” situation which leads Sora to run away in the end. It gets to the point where he cant even talk to Aki anymore and run away from her, and like a nub he locks himself in the gym storage room. Meanwhile Nami has other plans in her mind

This isnt incest, so I approve of this

Meanwhile Aki finally managed to find Sora…after being alone so long he reflects and finally confesses his thought to his sister

Its understandable...doesnt make any less of a sick bastard though

Anyways…Aki accepts her brother’s feelings, which leads to things that not many people get to experience

Damn she is a horny bastard of a sister

The following 5 minutes of the episode can be summarized with a song:

You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Do it again now
You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel
Gettin' horny now

Look at the bright side, you banged one of the most popular girls in school

yeah this episode lived up to the manga, I wonder what episode 2 will be about…hopefully they introduce everyone’s favourite Saki Runa!! oh and THAT chapter too!

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11 Responses to Aki Sora OVA 01 – Healthy Love

  1. Anonymous says:

    what do you mean, Aki Sora being the most fucked up ero manga? You haven’t seen much, have you?

  2. Pandadice says:

    beh, needed more tentacles :\

  3. Maria says:

    Pretty normal brother/sister relationship.

  4. Maria says:

    What a healthy and normal brother/sister relationship.

  5. BaileyJay says:


  6. ??????????? says:

    fuck you aki sora

  7. qwerty says:

    aki is a bastard girl

  8. ulices says:

    what a cool manga and what a nice brother and sister relationship. 🙂

  9. Sasuke says:

    Aki-Sora 6: Sunday Lovers, it is chapter 6, chapter 6 was real’y disturbing, that party where all had sex to each other, i did not like this part at all special’y when some1 say’d sex is nothing special, but it is, it is enough special that u only do it whit the person u love, i know there are people like in this party in real life to, i wold never share my girlfriend whit any1, if i find some1 😀

    my concern is young people, younger then 18, this kind of manga is poison to young minds, it changes them, so they become people like in that party, internet moderators & manga sellers need to be more strict so younger people cant get them, some ero manga’s wont influence young people but cos of chapter 6 this manga dose

  10. Sasuke says:

    some say Sora is a 2timer, yes he is but it is not completely his fault cos when Sora was young Aki only taught him only 1 thing, that he can do what ever he wants to his body, & another problem, she did it in a way that made him weak, she showed him that she dominates & he has to go whit the flow, if u treat some1 like this in a young age he or she will be weak at resisting desire when he or she gets older, desire? or how to say it, not sure cos my eng is not 100% 😀 in other words Aki did not teach him important stuff & cos of that Sora is weak at resisting other women !!!! she only spoiled Sora !!!! 80% or 90% of it is Aki’s fault, but despite that Sora shod man up all-ready & change !!!!! i only read this Manga out of curiosity :), for my it is rare to read manga, i watch anime’s more

    about that brother & sister relationship i say 1 thing, i’m neutral about it, i wold not FK my sister if i had1 but i don’t look down to the people ho have that kind of brother and sister relationship, some1 once say’d there is nothing god or bad right or wrong in love, love just is,(i over heard herd a conversation & herd that line), so if brother & sister fall in love it is not my place to look down on them or tell them it is wrong, cos awry thing happens foe a reason, like balance of nature, i i wold find out brother and sister couple live next door i wold say nothing to any1 & wold act like i don’t know, i mean i wold act normal’y, but i wold only say 1 thing to that couple, your sacred is safe

  11. i love aki and sora says:

    damn… AKI is the most hottest sister i’ve seen in a manga/anime :””>
    I LOVE YOU AKI!!!!
    i bettah kill sora, before he got u.. my AKI-NEE-CHAN ❤

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