Soul Eater ch68 – A man’s weapon

Soul Eater is awesome, as a manga of course….the anime was awesome as well, but once they drifted away from the manga material it died quickly. So forget about your COURAGE PUNCH and read the manga instead.

The difference between the manga and the anime are just too big at this point to explain what has happened, so I’ll just get to it. Black Star meets the rapidly growing insanity of crona, and Medusa decides to use this as a test to measure Crona’s more insane powers. She really looks freaking with like 4 arms and stuff…and she pulls out 3 swords, so Black Star also pulls out his 3 swords, his blade, his arm…and then…

The mightiest weapon of all indeed

So Crona attacks Black Star but he just shrugs off his attacks like they’re nothing lol, Medusa was quite surprised at seeing Black Star dodge her moves so easily, I guess after fighting someone like Mifune, Crona is just small time even if she herself has powered up greatly.

Black Star is awesome, nuff said

Noticing Crona cant win, and getting surprisingly ambushed by Justin Law, Medusa tries to retreat. However Justin with the power of the clown it seems now has the upper hand…

I dont understand whats happening but Medusa is fucked

New chapter next month, I wonder how medusa will get out of this one

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2 Responses to Soul Eater ch68 – A man’s weapon

  1. my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.

  2. Such a usefule blog…wow !!!!

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