Kara no Kyoukai 7 (END) – Final Thoughts

The 7th and final Kara no Kyoukai movie was finally subbed, I wont lie it was a pretty nice movie and definitely waaaaaaaaaaay better than the disappointing movie 6. Just like the 5th movie this one runs for 2 hours and much like the 5th movie it was 2 hours well spent.

Much like a lot of the KnK movies the beginning is rather slow, it didn’t really get my attention until prob the first 20-30 minutes. This movie deals with the return of the murders that were going on around 4 years ago when Shiki and Kokutou met. I have to admit the movie did a good job at making me believe that it was Shiki who was commiting the murders for a while until the real culprit came out

For a while I thought that was SHIKI reborn or something

Of course he fights Shiki for a while but Shiki does not want to kill anyone…frustrated he decides that if he kills Kokutou first she would stop hesitating…it was a bad choice of words

U dont make Shiki angry

A lot of the movie deals about Shiki and how murder is wrong and it kills your own self and more moral stuff like that; it wasnt really that exiting but it was still nice to see i guess. They also refered a lot to the second movie and how Shiki envied Kokutou and he was her dream and stuff…which caused SHIKI to kill himself much like u se at the beginning of the 4th movie.

The final parts of the movie have Shiki confront Lio (who is pretty insane btw) but being unable to kill him due to Kokutou’s words on how killing someone is wrong and how she should never do it. After losing the fight due to his moral faggotry Lio slobbers her up nicely…pretty gross but somehow amusing to see. Of course Kokutou shows up at the scene and after more moral talk about murder Lio decides to do us all a favour and kills Kokutou.

Thank you kind sir

Upon hearing the news and after some self reflection we see Shiki shead some tears for the first time if im not mistaken…of course killing Kokutou leads to a pretty obvious and mortal result. Even if she didn’t want to kill anyone for his sake…its not like hes around anymore right?

never...EVER piss Ryougi Shiki off

After killing Lio, Shiki no longer really cares about anything and just lies there…SUDDENTLY Kokutou was not really dead!! But his eye is fucked! Oh yay….he crawls his way to where Shiki is and exhange some words in a pretty emotional scene, which concluded in a hug


With everything solved we reach the epilogue of the final movie…it seems Kokutou’s eye is forever screwed but he has it covered…but it now makes him look like an even bigger faggot…

in the end....NO..NO IT WASNT!!!

And with this…the final and 7th movie of Kara no Kyoukai comes to an end

It was a great story

I hear there will be an epilogue so I’ll look forward to that.

Final Thoughts: Kara no Kyoukai is a mix of 2 extremes for me…when there is only exposition its a little too slow and boring for me (plus they never use BGMs wtf)…but when there is action involved this show is really one of the best, it also features amazing graphics for all movies and the characters were likeable. For this final movie I say this was a worthy finale and even though the 5th movie is still IMO the best of the series this one does not fall behind. It was a fun ride and I’ll miss the series.

My final veredict (for the series):
Story: 8.5/10
Animation: 10/10
Music: 10/10
Characters: 8.5/10

Overall: 8.8/10

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