ARIA vol11 Nagivation54 – Day Off

In case ur wondering I already read ch53 a long time ago, so I dont really feel like writing about it right now….even though it was probably one of the single greatest chapters of the series ;A; (CAITH SITH I MISS YOU). ACS just released ch54 and right now I dont have any difficult exams coming so I got the time 😉

I wonder why a lot of the 50s chapters never made the anime since a lot of them are so good….oh well that only means more new ARIA for me and that makes me happy.

Akari is lovely isnt she ❤

This was a rather light and simple chapter, Akari has the day off and uses it to do whatever she wants…which is mostly lazing around in her bed like Im sure most people would on their day off. Enjoy this chapter as Akari in bed in her PJs is as much fanservice you’ll ever get out of ARIA for u bastards out there! >_< *cough* ahem…anyways…

After being viciously awakened by Aria she decides to go out and do what most girls would do…SHOPPING SPREE NEO-VENEZIAN STYLE!

OMG Akari in casual clothes is a rare treat ❤

There really isnt much else to say about this chapter, it basically consists of them eating and opening an old box Akari has lost back when she arrived at Aqua which had some headphones and music. At least they managed to fit in some rowing goodness

Like an angel dancing in the water

And with that alone…Mizunashi Akari’s day off comes to a conclusion there enough manga chapters left for that? 😦

There is only 6 more chapters left to go…and if Origination has it right…the BIG chapters are coming soon now, I can’t wait to see and compare them…I’ll most likely b’awwwww again ;__;

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One Response to ARIA vol11 Nagivation54 – Day Off

  1. Maria says:

    Damn, Akari so hot in manga compared to anime.

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