11Eyes 10 – A blinding rage

I will congratulate 11Eyes for turning from a mediocre show to one of the shows that makes me want to watch the most in the span of 3 episodes. But dont get me wrong…it has indeed gotten better in terms of plot and pacing but the reason Im so eager to watch the show now is because I have to know the fate of Yuka…I never would’ve believed a character could get me so pissed that I just want them to be unhappy for the rest of their lives…but its happened.

The episode started out nicely with Shiori explaining some details about the red night, and how it was created to seal away the witch

I thought it was Suigintou

The reason she is dangerous is because once Velado died she decided to act on his wish of “this world should just disappear”…it seems she is quite a dedicated girlfriend

That could cause a problem

Basically every member has a fragment of the voidstone and Liselotte wants to use it to open that gate and destroy the world, the Black Knights are trying to stop that by killing them…which technically makes them the good guys.

Of course they can’t even have a decent discussion without Yuka fucking interrupting and bring her stupid little high school teenage love angst with her….

Stupid bitch he can call her whatever he wants....so stfu

Yuka has been anoying like  this for a while now but that happens after crosses the line of maturity and sanity…and anyone who doesn’t realize the stupidity of Yuka is seriously retarded as well…

Yuka you officialy epic fail sooooo hard its not even funny anymore

So when a girl is jealous and tries to slip a razor into your tea, is that considered normal girl behaviour? I believe our beloved Yuka may have a severe case of dementia

Of course even though Kakeru, Misuzu and Shiori are trying to have a serious conversation and Yuka’s antics ruin the meeting…when Kakeru gets another chance to talk to Shiori what does Yuka do? well…


So when a girl walks towards you WHILE YOU ARE OUTSIDE and in front of others with nothing but her underwear  just so she can cling to you because she wants you to be close to her, is that normal girl behaviour?  I believe our beloved Yuka might be a slutty attention whore…

While Kakeru struggles with a demented Yuka Shiori further explains more about how the Black Nights managed to seal Liselotte and how they fought for ages to achieve such goal

Is that Shiori there? How old is she??

Meanwhile Misuzu meditates by herself trying to reflect on whats been happening, after Kakeru manages to rid her self of Yuka he vists her and provides her with words of encouragement….triggering the first Misuzu flag in the show so far O_o

DERE Misuzu!! its a first!!

After such words Misuzu calms down and offers Kakeru another treat

You would rather have Yuka when u have THIS!? wtf man!!

Of course the Kakeru-radar trigger on Yuka and after he finds him he takes him somewhere else. Now Misuzu and Shiori are able to talk about important things, like the voidstone and the fragments

They wouldn't do such a bastard move would they?

Basically all the fragments because their own world but after the 1st red night they all returned to the same place…meaning someone here has admin permissions to the world…
In the meantime Yuka continues being the bitch she is


The next scene is probably the most unfair in the anime…because Yuka’s actions do not warrant any type of reward….

Kakeru is now officialy a faggot

After confirming this…Yuka tries to pull Kakeru into her deranged little mentality of “fuck everyone but each other” and it results in bad things…

Congrats Yuka...you just erased Kukuri out of existence

Just then the Red Night starts and Yukiko who is still pissed about having killed Takahisa decides to extract revenge on Superbia/Misao

There is no turning back now!

Meanwhile Misuzu, Shiori and Kakeru realizing she is gone try to stop her…but of course Yuka once again decides to be a bitch

At this point I cant rage any more but just sigh

Of course they get attack by spawns and since kakeru has no weapon Yuka prevents to be useful and destroy them with her negation abilities

Give it up...you're not uselful

Of course because she is such a loser she cant even use her powers more than once and collapses of exhaustion…Kakaeru decides to put her in the most adecuate place for someone like her….the closet

Why couldn't there be a lock in this door? ;__;

Yukiko and Superbia’s fight doesnt go too well…even if Yukiko’s combat abilities are impressive in her wild mode it is not enough to stop Misao

It was a good effort Yukiko

Of course knowing that she has an immortal body and regeneration abilities, she decides to also take care of that


Damn…she literally rips her apart to obtain the fragment she possesess…by the time the others get there…its too late

I feel for Yukiko...I really do

After seeing such a thing everyone attacks, and this time even Shiori gets into serious mode…it seems she is strong enough to fight with Superbia AND Avaritia without trouble…as expected from Shiori ❤

However Superbia drops the fragment and the worst possible outcome happens….Yuka



I cannot wait for episode 11, my hopes for a Yuka BAD END are still alive plus I saw a Misuzu x Kakeru scene in the preview so I’ll be waiting for this…

You can find all the 11Eyes episodes for download and discussion at brigade.baka-wolf.com

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11 Responses to 11Eyes 10 – A blinding rage

  1. Maria says:

    This looks like a great episode.

  2. Orulyon says:

    Loved your review:D F…Yuka!

  3. TS says:

    Yuka has just stepped way beyond the boundary that is “I WANT TO SMASH HER FUCKING FACE IN”.

  4. Seriously, two of my Top faves died in just one episode… AND THAT FUKKEN BIATCH IS STILL ALIVE AND KEEP ON FUCKING THINGS UP!!?

    And your prediction was right, my laptop’s internal right speaker is now malfunctioned due to my fist.. That Selfish Bitch is possibly the strongest Rage Generator in anime history.

  5. ketaki says:

    hey, it seems that we are alike………i hate yuka as far as possible.she’s such a………but i like shiori and misuzu and yukiko and tajima very much!!!! most of all shiori…..

  6. anagha says:

    yuka’s such a BITCH!!!!!!!!!!WHAT MORE CAN I SAY, i’m lost for words!!! she…she…she……

  7. SHIORI says:

    hey, one more thing………kakeru’s not a fragment, and……at last stupid yuka again gets them onto trouble, in episode 12 and in 11, misuzu declares that she loves kakeru, and he says” i will not betray yuka!” DIE!!! YOU AND YOUR YUUUUKAAAAAAA!!!!!!

  8. SHIORI says:

    hey, one more thing………kakeru’s not a fragment, and……at last stupid yuka again gets them onto trouble, in episode 12 and in 11, misuzu declares that she loves kakeru, and he says “i’m not betraying yuka!” DIE!!! YOU AND YOUR YUUUUKAAAAAAA!!!!!!

  9. Yuka + Kakeru says:

    why everbody hates yuka?-.-

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