To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 11 – Red Eyes Pink Fetus

This show is on a roll, for I dont know how many weeks this show has managed to deliver an awesome episode. Should I congratulate the director for this? (He also worked on Toradora so we know he can do epic sh!t) Anyways we start with Kiyama and the captive Uiharu on the road while Kiyama explains to her that her motive to create the level upper was to create the brain network in order to simulate the computational power of Three Diagrams. In order for her to have created something almost as powerful she had to get A LOT of people involved

This series always goes to the 10k+ territory in scale damn

However even if 10k people are/will be in a coma, she plans on freeing everyone when she is finished and then she entrusts the level upper uninstall to Uiharu to prove she is not bluffing. Just then Anti-Skill managed to locate them and they get barricaded…

Much like every other government organization

Because she can’t afford to get caught just yet she decides to have some fun…If the level upper was the program to connect to the network and the network enhanced your abilities, if you were to be the ADMIN of that network…it means you would have control over everyone’s accounts, which means…

By the time she got was all over

The level 5 Mikoto vs the person who now controls almost 10k different esper powers…it was a glorious fight and JC staff did not disappoint. Also Kiyama’s red eyes of fury!!

Kiyama probably has the best ability in the entire series...also DAT EYE!!

Kiyama seems to have the upper hand for most of the fight with her horrifying display of multi ability which has Mikoto confused and wondering what she can pull next. But Kiyama also has a message for her

If you watched Index this is a *hint* for the next arc

Of course being a naive kid Mikoto decides to take her down and ask her later, Kiyama however using a magnificent combination of Kuroko’s teleporter with the crazy dude’s graviton powers manage to cause an explosion right next to Mikoto, ending the fight

Multi Skill > Level 5

Just kidding….Mikoto was just pretending the whole time

1 hit K.O.

Just as she was putting her down..Mikoto starts to listen to voices, it is Kiyama’s memories being transmitted due to a connection between them because of Mikoto’s electrical discharge from earlier. We now enter flashback mode.

Kiyama was assigned as a teacher for these “error children” aka orphans that Academy City had taken in, basically the flashback is all about her slowly warming up to the children…oh also

Oh hi Ritsu....

It was amusing how she looked so much like Ritsu AND was voiced by Satou Satomi, lol @ JC Staff.

Anyways to put it short, the kids were used in an experiment and things go horribly wrong and they all get owned…

Generic creepy and crazy old scientist

Upon learning all this Mikoto now wonders why they would do such a thing and why couldn’t Anti-Skill work on it…but thinking about it the answer looks obvious

A corrupt goverment declares what is right and wrong

After such an exposition, I have to admit I now support Kiyama’s actions and would love to see her succeed…I mean everyone on a coma will only wake up and no harm will be done to them, they will only lose their upped powers but thats it. And all she wants is to have a powerful computer to run simulations to save the children who are now in a deep sleep. Mikoto should not interfere any more!


Unfortunately at that point the network overloads and she collapses, but a weird looking fetus suddenly rises from within her

Who has the bigger O_O look?

CANT WAIT FOR NEXT EPISODE!! It looks like Mikoto will have to deal with that thing for now. This show is only getting better by the episode!

You can find all the Railgun episodes for download and discussion at

To Aru Kagaku no Rail Gun Direct Download hosted by Baka-Wolf

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5 Responses to To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 11 – Red Eyes Pink Fetus

  1. fumino says:

    i’ll never understand why nobody makes touma join anti-skill… after all, he has the ultimate anti-skill ability.

    but anyways, im ready for misaka-oneesama to start kicking ass on a regular basis. cant wait for the next ep, and the next arc.

  2. scorpiowolf says:

    you’re not completely off about what you call a hint, but the true hint comes in her parting words to Misaka next ep……

  3. Eater-of-All says:

    We all know Kiyama’s red eye is actually a geass in disguise….

  4. Chevy787 says:

    Fetus is the same one from the first season I think. It just kinda chills in a tube

  5. Maria says:

    I don’t remember seeing a fetus in Index.

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