Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Banquet of the Golden Witch

If episode 2 was a step up from episode 1, this episode is a step up from episode 2. I will declare it in red..The Banquet of the Golden witch was AWESOME.

Hail the new Golden Witch: Eva-Beatrice

The overall story of this episode was just too good, the dialogue, the characters, and specifically the music; everything was getting better and better. Someone once said some wise words on this episode: “Suddently….EVERYONE IS AWESOME” and I now believe those words fully. I have specially refer to Kyrie, I have always liked her the most out of the adults but in her battle against Leviathan she really took the cake in epic. The best part however was near the end, with Beatrice’s true golden nature and the Siesta’s failed attempt to try to kill her over and over again. And then it caps off with the epic Endless Nine Battler which makes him look super pro.

Eva Beatrice I have to mention her because the arc was successful in making me hate her deeply, I really wanted her to lose, a very successful villain I gotta say. Specially near the end when she owns Battler in a sea of red text


And just when I thought everything would end up fine….Beatrice pulls a troll of mythical proportions near the end…I knew this would happen thanks to the anime but this was still pretty brutal…its a shame that witches don’t refo~rm☆

Getting owned is not enough to describe this...

The moral of the story is….if a witch suddenly becomes a good guy…DONT BELIEVE IT!!!

Overall this episode was pure amazing at if episode 4 can pull the same kind of awesome I will not be hesitant to give this VN a 10/10 in overall greatness…and I dont give 10/10 here is hoping.

The tea party for this episode was also highly amusing, Lambda and Bernkastel are awesome witches!! ❤


Now excuse me while I go listen to the Umineko OST FFFFFFFFFFFF YEAH Mirage Coordinator!!!

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2 Responses to Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Banquet of the Golden Witch

  1. Darklight0303 says:

    Hahaha glad to see you’re enjoying your ride and are able to see just how much more the novels have to offer in some parts

  2. SealedTime says:

    The novel is wayyy better xD

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