Fullmetal Alchemist 35 – What a drag

oh boy oh boy oh boy this episode of FMA was pretty exciting, Olivier is badass and the homunculus are evil geniuses. So we start the episode with Sloth getting owned in Briggs…and Olivier gets a clever idea of bathing our brute in tank oil…of course they need all the help they can get to carry out this plan

Etiquette is #1 @ Briggs

After pushing Sloth into a lower level by freaking ramming him with tanks…Ed and Al manage to soak him in the tank oil, just in time for Olivier to make her SPECTACULAR entrance…


Using more tank brute force and ammo they make Sloth fall into the cold winter…ironically the tank fuel plan was used to freeze him solid instead of using it to burn…pretty impressive I must say.

Every badass must say something nice after taking out the opponent

Meanwhile Miles has a meeting with Kimbley, while he says not to take out scar since he wants to do that, he has other words of advice for him

Thats a bold statement to tell Kimbley thar

Meanwhile Marco and chinese girl (sorry its hard to remember her name) are explaining each other’s alchemy styles…the eastern style alchemy apparently looks more like the “real” and natural alchemy which borrows the energy of the planet. However she said something that I found pretty morbid about the alchemy used in Amestris.

This better not mean what I think it means...

I havent read the manga…but this is almost implying that the entire alchemy from Amestris is coming from Father and his philosopher’s stone…I mean…he lives underground…there are pipes all over the place, and he was able to negate everyone’s alchemy except chinese girl and scar…it makes sense IMO.

Back at Briggs Ed and Olivier examine the hole Sloth was digging…we also learned a bit about how Briggs was once invaded for a month

LOL I had completely forgotten about that

Eventually Olivier finally forces the truth out of the two. After explaining everything and examining the hole plus the places where major conflicts have happened in the past…they come to a shocking revelation

DAMN! thats some serious shit right there

It appears the homunculus are trying to turn the entire nation into a philosopher’s stone…thats BIG…and they also figured out that the military had been purposely creating those conflicts over time to offer sacrifices, which only ends in 1 conclusion

hohoho thats gotta hurt your national pride

So now that the humunculus created the entire country for the purpose of the transmutation, Olivier notices that the next target is them. General Raven from central arrives just then and Ed comes up with a plan. Making Olivier act kind and mention things about how being immortal would be great, Raven falls for the trap and spills the beans right there


Things are starting to heat up I cannot wait to see what happens next! FMA FTW!!!

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One Response to Fullmetal Alchemist 35 – What a drag

  1. Maria says:

    Poor Sloth sinking and freezing in the water

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