ARIA vol11 Navigation 52 – Undine Hierarchy

If you know me well enough or if you have checked my top 10 you would know that ARIA stands at the top of my list as the best and most beautiful series I’ve seen/read to date. While I am buying the ARIA mangas as tokyo pop releases them, they are still working on vol6 so in the meantime I indulge my ARIA needs in the scanlations provided by ACS as they work on the ARIA manga slowly, but surely.

I specially love the chapters that didn’t make the anime as they give me some new ARIA material that you so rarely find these days ;__; AND THIS CHAPTER IS 1 OF THEM!

Would marrying the ocean be considered immoral?

This chapters deals with the marriage to the sea ceremony that Neo Venezia hold only once every 4 years, it is a rare occasion and a big burden for undines as they need to perform for the ceremony. Part of the ceremony includes having rings that they will throw into the ocean at the of the ceremony, of course to get those rings…there is a certain trick to it and Akatsuki provides awesome lulz

LMFAO @ the face!!

I love how Alicia keeps fueling the Akari x Akatsuki ship even if she doesn’t mean it most of the time xD

Of course after buying the ring which Akatsuki wanted to give Alicia, she brings the shocking news

If I didnt know the end of ARIA I would've been shocked too!

With Akatsuki’s morale destroyed, he drops the ring and Akari tries it on…but now she can’t get it off her finger, the end result…is expected

Akari in dere more for Akatsuki!!??? FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!

Of course Akari is not the only one who got a ring, as expected Aika got one from Al, and for Alice….lets just say that out of Amano-sensei’s wonderful world of ARIA, there is 1 thing I have not, WILL NOT, MUST NOT accept…and that is a slight but sure bonding between Alice and Woody…I understand the whole Akari -> Salamander -> Fire, Aika -> Gnmoe -> Earth, and Alice -> Woody -> Wind….but cmon!!! Out of all the people….NOT WOODY FOR MY PURE AND GENTLE ALICE!!! ;A;   /fanboy


ermm….where was I…

Ah yes, the ceremony starts and the undines take the stage! Also Amano art rape incoming


After the singles, the primas come…but after the primas themselves…guiding the main fleet, comes the pride and joy of Aqua’s undine world…the 3 water fairies!

thats some nice dresses u got thar

And inside the main fleet is the only person who could probably hold an even more “divine” aura than the water fairies themselves, the original Great Water Fairy…Grandma! With her present, the ceremony can come to a climax!


After a wonderful ceremony…no ARIA chapter can end without some closing statement and wonderful thought from our great undine Akari 🙂

However, embarassing remarks are prohibited

Wonderful chapter of ARIA, and a shame we can’t see this animated, but for now this was enough to calm myself…as I wait for ACS to finish up ARIA and work on more Amanchu!

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3 Responses to ARIA vol11 Navigation 52 – Undine Hierarchy

  1. Basaka says:

    Half of it was animated. As part of the final ep of Origination. Kthx

  2. Maria says:

    I wanna see Alicia’s lover.

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