Kobato 09 – A Kodak moment

There isnt much to say about episode 9 of Kobato, it was completely 100% anime original episode but it wasn’t too bad either.

The episode starts with Ioryogi being washed by Kobato while he explains why summer is their enemy as everyone has fun in summer therefore they cant think about their broken hearts. Kind of an evil thought if you think about it but oh well he is a fallen angel after all >_>

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Thats a big opponent to beat, try winter first

As I mentioned earlier today’s story is about 2 friends, they seemed to have some sort of problem between them as they always had this sad look when they were around. I guess Kobato needs to investigate now…

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But first we must dry Ioryogi, the painful way

Btw I forgot to mention 1 of the girls is voiced by Kawasumi, Ayako(Alice, Saber, etc…) so I was glad to hear her since she is one of the best VAs out there 🙂 And it was prob the best looking 1 shot character I’ve seen in a while lol

I declare Mizunashi Natsuhi the best looking girl in Kobato

I keep drifting away form the episode but there really isnt much to say so I’ll post another funny like Kobato said, this time regarding how she suddenly decides to visit Natsuhi at her home.

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This made me lol

Oh yeah there was also the random and “wtf” line where the friendship tension reaches a climax and causes epic trouble between the characters and in this episode this was it. I should’ve also mentioned that they both bought key chains to each other as kids and promised to take care of them, kinda like a child friends-forever kind of oath we see oh so often in animes.

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Ouch! low blow there Nacchan

Eventually Natsuhi “loses” the key chain she had mysteriously and after a panick attack and a half and Kobato helping her look for it they find it and they decide to make-up by showing that they still had their key chains….+2 candy for Kobato

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The score on kobato's cheek does not express my thoughts on this episode

Lets hope they pick up on the main story soon, Kobato is not a bad show and it offers decent slice of life episodes but they arent ARIA good slice of life so yeah it can get boring after a while….

You can find all the Kobato episodes for download and discussion at brigade.baka-wolf.com

Kobato Direct Download hosted by Baka-Wolf

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