Hayate no Gotoku! ch252 – Nagi’s revenge

If you havent already spoiled yourself on my last post regarding this chapter…I will say it again…THIS CHAPTER OF HAYATE IS FREAKING AWESOME!

Hata-sensei has once again left me in mindfuck mode and I am loving every single bit of it. We have Nagi approaching emo Hayate in the middle of the party. After talking a bit Nagi decides to “take a look” at the stone, of course this being Nagi herself Hayate has no trouble handing it over.

However Nagi already realized

Its kind of  ironic seeing Nagi using those words considering the entire series has been built upon the misunderstanding she herself created with Hayate EXACTLY BECAUSE of the wrong use of words.

Of course seeing Hayate suffering so much forces Nagi to finally take action

An just like that...Nagi has now become fucking awesome

Nagi just FUCKING DESTROYED THE STONE!! Such a move leaves Hayate devastated and he gets angry at Nagi saying how she will now lose everything she has…but just like she has  said in the past…the money is not that important

Brilliantly said Nagi...bravo!

Hayate really needed a nice kick in the ass to snap out of his depressio and Nagi did just that this chapter, now Hayate has been freed from his burden and can concentrate on trying to save Athena…THE FINAL DECISION IS COMING NEXT CHAPTER!!! however Hayate will be taking a break next week so ch253 will not be out until the 22th FUCK!!!!!

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4 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku! ch252 – Nagi’s revenge

  1. Maria says:

    Hayate is such a fruit cake.
    Even Nagi is more manly than he is!

  2. TS says:

    Nagi sure is epic right now~

  3. Jave says:

    I hate it when they’re taking a break,but its fine to wait for something that fucking awesome!

  4. kimrose says:

    ohh!i dont think soo nagi ang hayate are soo perfect for me and my friend i hate when it take a commercials………………….

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