11Eyes 09 – For the sake of friends and tomorrow

Is it just me? or is 11Eyes suddently turning from generic with some ok entertainment into a pretty damn good show? Anyways the episode starts exactly where it left off, with a dead nurse

Where did those 2 strings come from to hang her like that?

Having witnessed such a brutal scene only serves to anger Takahisa to the point of no return unfortunately

Super Saiyan achieved

Without restrain he goes on a rampage and starts destroying everything…Yukiko meets with Misuzu and Kukuri and explains it

Godamn Takahisa is PISSED OFF

Meanwhile back at Misuzu’s house the barrier protecting it is broken and the black nights infiltrate.

Why didnt you do this sooner....

Misuzu confronts Kusakabe Misao, and she  finally shows her true form….she is….very pretty

Looks like her looks are not the only thing deadly

Back in the city…which is now total rubble, Yukiko tries to calm Takahisa to no avail…it is too late for him already and cannot be stopped

B-but his powers are so useful!!

Takahisa asks Yukiko to kill him or else he wont stop…devastated Yukiko accepts this request. Meanwhile back at Misuzu’s house….while everyone is having a battle outside…wtf is Yuka doing? thats right…NOTHING, why?


Meanwhile Misao is too strong for Misuzu to handle alone, but when Kukuru shows up and gives her the chance to strike…

She....destroyed the 2 swords!!?? O_o

After barely saving Misuzu from Misao, Kakeru managed to end the fight for now. Back  in her house, Shiori explains the black nights are actually from the ame place she is….in other words…

Ohoho so now u guys are the evil ones

Even after all that happened….Yukiko comes back to give everyone the bad news

And Yuka doesnt even give a fuck....

I cant wait for the next episode, and I hope Yuka dies 🙂

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3 Responses to 11Eyes 09 – For the sake of friends and tomorrow

  1. TS says:

    Yuka is like “One less girl in my quest to kill, I mean be the one to love makoto, I mean Kakeru”


  2. TS says:

    I mean guy*

  3. Maria says:

    I should watch more 11eyes to understand what’s happening.

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