Nyan Koi 10 – Mahou Shoujo Nyanical Twindere

lol What did I just watch? Episode 10 of Nyan Koi was so much different from other episode yet it was prob one of the best ones so far, mainly because we get lots and lots of twin and tsundere action..you cant go wrong with that.

The episode itself starts with Akari and Kotone going spirit hunting it seems

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Insert appropiate OVER 9000 joke here

Meanwhile the rets of the gang get their final exam marks back and they all did well, except for Kanako who failed miserably

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Nagi always has the best Kanako lines

Due to poor grades she is forced to write a report on local history, who better to ask than the daughters of the head priest. The twins give the gand a small tour of the town

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Oh Kotone I didnt know u cursed as well xD

They eventually reach a shopping district and the gang vandalizes a cat statue, of course being able to notice things Akari gets mad and tries to fix things. We are also given a small flashback to how Akari stayed away from people because she had large magical power, meanwhile Kotone didnt have much friends either she was just plain stalker creepy lol.

When night came, it was time for spirit hunting again, also Kotone comes with full tranformation scene

This was my reaction as well

The spirit this time was the vandalized cat from the mall, he had 26K POWERLEVEL so he put up a nice fight, Akari who possesses the offensive magic quickly lost her strength

So you recharge with Pocky?

Being unable to recharge herself due the cat’s constant attacks Akari can no longer move, and its up to Junpei to help her

DERE mode activate!

Fully recharged, Akari is now SRS BSNS!!


After owning the spirit Junpei decides to give them the present Kanako had bought for them back in the shop and thanks them for the tour.

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TSUN mode activate!

And after giving her the rest of the Pocky Akari remembered her recharge just not and goes full blown tsun on Junpei again

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In anime we call it tsundere

The rest of the episode is happily ever aft—-NO WAIT THE STATUE JUNPEI BROKE FELL OVER!!! BAD OMEN INCOMING!!! Now we wait for ep 11

You can find all the Nyan Koi episodes for download and discussion at brigade.baka-wolf.com

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