11Eyes 08 – On the road to yandere

I must say this was a pretty good episode of 11Eyes, better than a lot of the other episodes considering that it didn’t have any scenes in the red night. I also have to once again comment on how this show despite not being anything special or extraodinary, always manages to deliver strong cliffhanger that get me to watch the next episode, in the end thats all that caounts right? Anyways regarding the episode

After Yuka used her powers and the black night got defeated she collapses and she is now recovering in  Misuzu’s home. Having new powers apparently gives her the weird idea that she can actually fight with them now lol

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No...its never gonna happen

On the other hand, Misuzu is now starting to lose her cool now that she knows that the person he idolized is now her enemy (Kusakabe Misao), while Takahiza is still being a fake asshole cause he likes  looking tough

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But dammit it makes you look good ❤

It the meantime Kakeru is a bit rude against Kukuri accusing her of being a villain and telling her to not hurt Yuka…kind of annoying since he didnt even let her answer back…

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Interesting....but Kakeru is too dumb to wait for answers

Musuzu now tells Kakeru about Misao and decides that it is time for Kakeru to get some kind of power up, in tihs case its to drink Misuzu’s blood (is she a vapire or something)? Unfortunately the already borderline insane Yuka had the TERRIBLE luck of walking in as he was doing it

Yandere power up +100

This not only made Yuka pass out for a while (lol) but probably made her lose a few more sanity screws. Because when she came to and saw Kakeru and Misuzu training (which btw Kakeru you dumbfuck ITS TRAINING WHY WOULD YOU ACTUALLY HIT MISUZU IN THE HEAD FOR REAL!!) she offered her help to the now wounded Misuzu.

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Yuka you creepy motherfucker......

There were more scenes between Yukiko and Takahisa but I was raging too much at Yuka to remember what they were….now that they were all alone in the house yuka makes her move and once again clings to Kakeru and when he tries to not follow her creepy conversation yuka starts to go yandereish on him….

At this point...he is the only one and "barely"right now

After noticing some noises upstairs he goes investigate and finds Shiori who proceeds to attack him for some reason

Does she know Touma too? Also lol @ her real name

So it seems she was the one who left him that message back then…oh and to finish this episode, now that Yukiko convinced Takahisa not to take her nurse mom for granted…

ohohohoho....damn O_o

Game Over…

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4 Responses to 11Eyes 08 – On the road to yandere

  1. TS says:

    Haha, this episode made me go “WTF” alot.

  2. Frosty5689 says:

    Lol, Yuka. Insane eyes.

  3. Glad to know that I’m not the only one who despise Yuka. Mary Sue or Yandere-mode, I WILL still take Shiori/Ursula over her anytime, obviously.. :3

  4. PhantomKnight says:

    Death to the canon Mary Sue! (Yuka)

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