To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 10 – Dont trust the stripper

OK WOW!!! This was probably the best episode of Railgun so far….it was just….awesome. The plot is moving along perfectly and we even have an amazingly emotional scene this week…JC Staff really knows how to impress me from time to time.

We start with Saten….who has unfortunately used the level upper…and yes she got levitation powers

Saten!! why!!!

More level upper cases are spreading all over the city, unfortunately for Kuroko she has to deal with all the new arrogant people who cause trouble.

why are people so prone to vandalism in this city?

Such constant struggles leave Kuroko all bruised up…of course she tries to not let Mikoto know…and just as she enters the room, she used Saten as a weapon

This was actually way funnier than it looks

Unfortunately Saten witness first hand how her friend loses consciousness…she finally decides to confess to Uiharu she did some Level Upping (this is like drugs now lol) with her friends and laments her lack of abilities. This resulted in an incredibly emotional and awesome conversation between Uiharu and Saten which is prob what made the episode so good!!!

This moment...I will remember for the rest of the series

After the heart to heart talk however….

It was already too late ;__;

Now that Saten has fallen victim to Level Upper Kuroko and Mikoto further investigate how level upper works, and then get help from a familiar face!

lol @ Mikoto

After explaining how there is a similar brain wave for all level upper users and further investigation on how level upper might work (a brain network connection all the user’s brains to enhance performance) they finally manage to find the source specific brain wave.

Someone with eyesbags like that HAD to be evil

Uiharu who had gone to talk to her and got a little too curious however….has now realized she has not an ally by force and has been kidnapped


Upon further questioning and not answering of questions we learn stripper lady’s real goal has nothing to do with the increment of the esper’s abilies, but something far more significant it seems. Now Kuroko and Mikoto have to go rescue Uiharu, of course Kuroko tries to prevent Mikoto to go but having a level 5 is a great help

YES! Finally do something in this series!!

The previews for ep 11 look awesome as well, I cant wait to see it and will be anxiously waiting for it!

You can find all the Railgun episodes for download and discussion at

To Aru Kagaku no Rail Gun Direct Download hosted by Baka-Wolf

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3 Responses to To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 10 – Dont trust the stripper

  1. Kuroko says:


  2. Chevy787 says:

    it was rather funky, I was thinking “that lady looks more like a villian’ and bam.

  3. Crisu says:

    She used Uiharu as a weapon.

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