Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Turn of the Golden Witch

As I mentioned before I have started readingg the Umineko VNs and I plan to catch up and try to watch the last episode of the anime simultaneous with the VN. But for now I have cleared episode 2 and I gotta say I was impressed at how good this was…I liked ep1 but this was just way better
The first moment that left me with a O_o face was the entire school festival part…the reason should be obvious….

You even included nico style comments....touche...

The whole touhou deal was pretty WTF but I liked it. Once again I have to compliment the music for being so f’cking awesome in this episode and giving so many awesome moments like the whole first twilight, the meta world scenes, the race to find the mirror, and onviously the AMAZING Rosa and Maria scene after the credits.

With the introduction of the red text things got really interesting in the Battler vs Beatrice side…of course abusing it is not something that u can use the red text for….right?

ouch Beato....ouch

I feel a lot of the best scenes happened nea the end…the tea party was damn brutal and awesome. Having Battler return was cool stuff. However it was the ???? that really got my attention with the introduction of Lambdadelta and how they kept refering to Higurashi every now and then. Of course the fight is now Beato and Lambda vs Bernkastel, this should be an interesting fight….oh and 1 more thing

moe moe Bern~

Next up is episode 3, time to put my troll face on and see Eva-Beatrice own some nubs…

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2 Responses to Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Turn of the Golden Witch

  1. Maria says:

    If this is episode 2, why does it say episode 4 on the windows?

    • Wattson says:

      Because it’s episode 4 that is being read (technically). Episode 4 contains episodes 1-4 in it. So even when you are reading an episode that is not 4 it will still show as 4.

      On another note, if you took those screen shots yourself then it seems like you are using the 4.1 patch. If you haven’t already done so I recommend downloaded the 4.2 patch as it contains changes the witch-hunt team made after reading Episode 5.

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