Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas 05 – Rose Garden

Finally I managed to watch episode 5 of the new Saint Seiya OVAs and this episode much like the rest….was fantastic! Saint Seiya has always been one of my all time childhood favourites so seeing this new OVAs always makes me happy ^_^

The first couple of minutes is focused on Tenma, Yato, and boob girl trying to reach the deeper underword…but that is not why this epiode was awesome…the real reason, is this

Absolutely FABULOUS!

Albafica from Pisces is totally badass and fabulous at once….the fact that his voice was played by Kamiya, Hiroshi (Araragi Koyomi, Itoshiki Nozomu, etc) increased his awesomenesss. First he sets a huge trap of poisonous roses, of course him being the one who build it he isnt affected unlike the unfortunate that stepped into it…at least we are told why though

Fabulous AND dangerous

The rest of the episode consists of him owning nubs and showing his skills, that is until 1 of the 3 Judges from the Underworld Minos shows up and uses his marionette move to force Albafica into submission, meaning toying with his body and inflicting self damage. However it doesnt seem to hurt Pisces’ resolve

A saint will protect Athena at all costs!

When Minos tried to make him poke his eyes out however…he had to resort to some rather “unconfortable” measures

This guy keeps getting more awesome

The episode ends with them facing each other and specters heading to the nearby village to destroy it, I hope [gleam] hurries with episode 6 I really wanna see it now…

You can find all the Lost Canvas episodes for download and discussion at

Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas Direct Download hosted by Baka-Wolf

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2 Responses to Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas 05 – Rose Garden

  1. Maria says:

    Albafica so beautiful. I loved when Minos was making Alba punch his own face several times.

  2. JustLegend says:

    nice review dude ^^ gj

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