Legend of the Galactic Heroes ep1-10

I have recently started watching the super long yet super acclaimed Legend of the Galactic Heroes series. So far I have watched the first 10 episodes and I can confidently say that this show is not bad at all, I have lost interest in A LOT of animes in under 6-7 episodes before (I could make a list even) but so far this show has managed to capture my interest and make me come back to watching it for 10 episodes now, and I plan to continue watching.

The story is basically summarized this way…You have a Democratic and an Emperial goverment that are fighting a war, the wars are mostly show not through the actual fighting but from the strategic and technical point of view. There is also the entire problems that every known goverment faces in terms of corruption and evil people who lust for power. Although I think its a little slow sometimes, so far the pace has been good and the story has been interesting for the most part.

There characters are probably what makes the show enjoyable, on 1 side you have Yang Wenli who is a pretty chill guy who despite his hate for war and fighting, he has no choice but to fight in order to help the people he cares for, however this guy is a damn good strategist. On the other side you have Reinhard von Lohengramm who is not only FABULOUS but is also on par with Yang in intelligence and he has the goal to rise through power and become the new Kaiser, all in order to free his sister from the hands of the nobles that he himself hates. There are A TON of supporting characters which so far have been pretty interesting and have potential to play major roles in the future, I will keep an eye on them.

If you dont mind 20 year old animation, I would still recommend to try it out…I can understand why not many people would watch a show from the 80s-90s that runs for 110 episodes (it killed 23GB off my harddrive) but I would still try it out, so far its worth it.

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3 Responses to Legend of the Galactic Heroes ep1-10

  1. Pandadice says:

    guess this adds to the solely-positive recs/reviews I’ve heard of this. I will get around to it some day, I’m sure.

    and no one should have a problem with 80s animation. if they do, they need to get over it, and start enjoying these classics. however, 80’s audio… that’s another story >.<

  2. TS says:

    I was gonna start watching this too, or will do. Marathons sure are great. I’ll probably do it after hokuto no ken.

    Nice summery of a few episodes game 😉

  3. Maria says:

    gogo watch more LOGH as I am doing.

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