Kobato 08 – Encore!

Episode 8 of Kobato was strictly anime original if im not mistaken, but it still manages to be a decent episode anyways. The episode in a nutshell deals with Kobato trying to find a new owner for the missing cat she found, and her and the Chi twins helping her along the way.

Every scene with them makes the show better

Her first target was her own home but unfortunately it was forbidden to have pets so the second target is the nursery. Things were going well until some faggot kid with allergies ruined it ;__; and she even got Kobato in trouble with Syaoran Fujimoto.

This is the THIRD time I have to remind you DONT TALK SHIT TO KOBATO!!!

So now that she cant keep the cat there she just goes around asking people to take care of the cat, most of the episode continues like that until the old lady from episode 1 comes to the rescue! By taking the cat however, Chise and Chiho kinda felt lonely, so in order to heal them…Kobato comes and sing for the second time in the series!

Kobato's song will pierce the heavens!!

We end the episode with Ioryogi grading Kobato, but because of the abuse he went through by the cat…Kobato gets the ultimate punishment

A terrible move there ;__;

For filler episodes this was pretty good stuff, next episode however also looks original stuff so im not sure what to expect. For now I’ll wait

You can find all the Kobato episodes for download and discussion at brigade.baka-wolf.com

Kobato Direct Download hosted by Baka-Wolf

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One Response to Kobato 08 – Encore!

  1. Maria says:

    Chiho and Chise should have sung also!

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