Nyan Koi 09 – A dense idiot

Gaah Junpei’s density is a little annoying but episode 9 was pretty good overall. There was the first part which was basically a pool episode which featured some usually fanservice, while the second half was more serious and had some great Kanako moments.

In the first half Junpei (and Kaede) get tricked into going to the public pool with everyone for a “study session” at least Junpei looks optimistic

why would they sub it AND add typesetting here xD -by Game

Of course like most fanservice episodes EVERYONE seems to bump into the same place, so after accidentally removing Akari’s bikini Junpei is called a pervert and a stalker…the magic words for a certain person to  show up

Oh god even the way she says it makes it hard to resist

Kotone continues being the best character here ❤

Anyways…after Nagi’s “fantastic” introduction and fight with Kanako, Kaede gets pushed down and Junpei manages to resue her and get a nice “grip” on Kaede while she was falling. Such an event will surely please him.

The "-by" jokes are only funny after so many times.... -by Game

Then Junpei saves another cat, Kanako and Kaede start wondering if he can really actually talkto cats, etc…By rhe way the random fanservice for the mailwoman is annoying…I really hate randomly and pointless introduced fanservice for the sake of just having it…greatest pet peeve of mine.

On the second half Junpei catches a cold and Kanako decides to visit him and starts to take care of him. A cat request forces Junpei to go outside even though he is sick a couple times and of course anime laws says that having a cold will only get worse to the point of collapsing by being outside for a while. A golden opportunity for Kanako though

I dont hate Kaede, but I fully approve of this

Its a little sad knowing how much Kanako has been by Junpei’s side only for him to fall for a girl he met only on his first year of highschool. Another problem is that I dont mind seeing Kaede x Junpei moments but after this it kinda annoys me that Kanako will proably never get to remain with him despite having the “childhood friend” advantage…such is the cruely of reality I guess…

Next episode whoever looks awesome cause it will feature the twins mostly and even though Kotone remains my fav twin I see a lot of dere dere Akari and that is a weakness of mine, so I cant wait.

You can find all the Nyan Koi episodes for download and discussion at brigade.baka-wolf.com

Nyan Koi! Direct Download hosted by Baka-Wolf

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2 Responses to Nyan Koi 09 – A dense idiot

  1. Eater-of-All says:

    Akari and Kotone ftw.

    Mostly Kotone though, of course.

  2. Game8910 says:

    I love my kotone too

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