Amanchu! ch12 – A beautiful memory

I…am a little short on words right now, since I just finished reading this chapter and now I am daydreaming and feeling like im flying through the clouds. This chapter of Amanchu was BEAUTIFUL! and it also further confirms Dotty was my favourite character in this series (for now).

So we have Ooki Futaba (Dotty), she likes to take picturs of things she loves so she can see them as a random slideshow on her phone, this helps her relive those memories and remember how great they were. However, we run into a problem

Oh memory for both data AND dotty

Although changing memory card will allow her to take more pictures, she will be unable to see her older pictures, that means

You cannot do this to Dotty!!!

For someone like Dotty the pictures and memories are really imporant, and we also get to take a peek at her past in this chapter, and how she wanted to retain those memories of her past

Middle school dotty KAWAII~

Remembering the great time she had with her first friend, that is a type of memory im sure NO ONE wants to forget

I understand her dilema here

Of course, Pikari and the gang realizing her problem decide to spring into action!

Wait wouldnt this run out of memory eventually? also lol "Bakari"

Such a present moves Dotty to tears, and she expresses her thanks, however for Pikari it doesnt work like that…

Never thought of it like that, but in a way I guess it makes sense

d'awwwwwww ;A;

That is right, much like ARIA taught us, change happens but it does, it is futile to dwell on the memories of the past completely, it is better to say “It was fun then, but it is now right now too” With this lesson learned Dotty can continue to live and re-live new memories

And so far its a fantastic story!

Amano Kozue is a genius…to be able to move me like this, she is truly an amazing storyteller, and her art once again is top class. At this rate Amanchu! continues to climb on my rankings and if it keeps going like this…we might be looking at a new masterpiece much like ARIA before it.

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One Response to Amanchu! ch12 – A beautiful memory

  1. Maria says:

    Dotty > all Aria characters.

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