To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 09 – A Certain Amazing Teleporter

Episode 9 of Railgun continues the story of the level upper and things are starting to get better as it develops. This also marks the time where I stopped reading the manga for railgun so from this moment forward I no longer know what happens in the story, so this is now new territory for me.

They start off trying to ask the stripper scientist about the level upper but she didnt seem to know much of it, they decided to met in a cafe where Saten and Uiharu would eventually meet.

Saten's ninja skils strikes again!

Saten who has gotten a hold of the level upper and wanted to show everyone learns from the others that it is not a safe tool so she decides to keep quiet about it (oh boy…), she also spilled juice on stripper doctor’s legs so living up to the name she almost removes her complete lower attire, of course Kuroko would have none of it

Take it from someone who knows VERY well

The rest of the episode is pretty much Saten wondering if she should use it in order to stop being a level 0 and become an esper like she always dreamed. On the other side Kuroko goes investigate some more hideouts of people with level uppers only to find that Saten, who happened to be nearby, had gotten in trouble with some of the people there….this does not amuse Kuroko.

Oh shi- pissed off Kuroko?

Her fight vs the leader of the gang was actually pretty damn cool, whatever Kuroko tried the man would keep dodging or in this case Kuroko would keep “missing” her target and then she would get hit from directions she could never see coming. I will admit I was pretty interested in what kind of ability this man was using and I even though maybe he was a teleporter too, but that was not the case.

Damn thats a cool power...ULTIMATE ILLUSION!!

Finally realizing his power Kuroko comes up with an evil plan a very evil plan, teleporting the nearby glass inside the pillars of the building completely displaced the particles that held it together, you see where this is going?

For an annoying character, Kuroko can be pretty awesome

Being the arrogant little prick he is, the guy didnt think of it until it was too late…and he got scared shitless when Kuroko single handedly brought the ENTIRE FUCKING BUILDING TO THE GROUND!!!

Maybe a little bit...

In the end of the episode we learn the level upper is actually just a song and we also continue seeing Saten wondering if she should use the level upper, she then bump into some of her “level 0” friends and from what I can see this level upper is really looking like it was some kind of drug around here lol, with dealers and shit…and it now looks like Saten has become a “dealer”

How much for a tune?

You can find all the Railgun episodes for download and discussion at

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3 Responses to To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 09 – A Certain Amazing Teleporter

  1. Eater-of-All says:

    The Kuroko fight scene was just that: interesting. It was too slow for tension, made worst by the fact that both of their abilities do not make very exciting combat skills anyway. It feels more like a misplaced battle of wits than a fight, if you ask me.

  2. fumino says:

    one would think he’d use that trick art skill to make it look like he has all his teeth.

  3. fate4life says:

    I like the OP too this anime, its alright overall

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