Pandora Hearts ch 43 – Sharon’s Fury

This is my first Pandora Hearts entry, but I will let you know I absolutely LOVE this series. I got introduced to it with the anime versions and even though it had a slowish start things picked up and just did not stop. By the time the anime ended I had already high expectations of this series so I started reading the manga, and boy was it just amazing, and interesting plot, awesome characters, and a very pretty art put Pandora Hearts as one of my top reads currently running. But now back to the chapter…

We now learn that Break is slowly turning blind, but will not reveal it to anyone (specially Sharon) to not burden them. Liam reminded me of Elliot a lot in this chapter too lol, must be the male tsundere act he pulled. Regarding Oz and the rest…

Hey but at least you looked freaking badass back in Sabrie…

Oz hand continues to move and his powers increasing along with it it seems, we also see Gil revealing his slight yandere moments but Oz doesnt care lol

Once they meet Duke Barma we learn more of the curse and some magicians that keep it going, I guess finding them is a new arc now…but 1 more thing…The Duke using them as “tools” and quoting it as Break’s old fav line obviously makes Sharon an angry girl…but she did wrong…

what kind of animal is that chain supposed to be?

I think she was on her way to the Abyss there….

I barely see Gil use makes him look more awesome btw

So after this little spar they decide to leave to the location one of the magicians are, however some last words leave me confused

wait what? is this one of them ITS A TRAP! plots?

I guess I’ll have to wait for next month to see what happens >_<

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4 Responses to Pandora Hearts ch 43 – Sharon’s Fury

  1. Maria says:

    This chapter needed more Alice.

  2. jsoc says:

    You did so good on describing.

  3. Cenedess from MAL says:

    You wrote almost exactly what I was thinking xP Gil really *does* look more badass this way.
    I’m also wondering about that chain, at first it looked like an eagle or something…but in the next panel looks completely different already o.O dunno. And the last panel left me confused, too. I’m still wondering whose shoes those are xP (too lazy to look for them in the manga though; would be awesome if Vincent’s, I miss him so much Dx)

  4. Yeah!!! OZxSHARON!!! ❤ 😀

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