Kobato 07 – University orz

Episode 07 of Kobato, I no longer know if it was filler or not I can barely remember the manga, anyways it was pretty good and helped develop and understand SyaoranFujimoto’s personality a bit more. It also tried to tie in a bit of the overall plot into the episode, with Kobato trying to ask him about the call the other day, of course his answer is similar to last time’s

Talking rude to Kobato is PROHIBITED!

The great majority of the the episode was just Kobato going around Fujomoto’s university trying to give him the report he dropped, meeting some other guy whose name I can’t be bothered to remember and healing him as well in the process…Not a very eventful episode, but there are some highlights I wanna point out

Chiho and Chise are just too adorable!!!

I think Sayaka refused to get money from her friend Chitose…why would she do that? money is money bitch!!!

Oh god this is SOOO university

I completely agree with Fujimoto on this one, people in college/university do tend to try to copy/get help (indirect version of “copying”) often, specially to those who do well in classes. YOU TELL THEM BITCHES & WHORES!!

Kobato did manage to pull off a fantastic LOL moment this episode though

I did not see this coming, I had to LOL

Now lastly…I dont know if this is the real line or [ES] is just being a troll again, but seriously….

Not sure if trollin

In the end, Kobato’s blunder cost her greatly, and her final score is a low and poor 30%

With that score universities would kick your ass

I shall await for episode 8, and dear [ES]…try not to troll in your actual subs because its really confusing…but its ok, I know you probably have your reasons to do so, I mean in the end:


And this comes from the heart, keep it up

You can find all the Kobato episodes for download and discussion at brigade.baka-wolf.com


Kobato Direct Download hosted by Baka-Wolf

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3 Responses to Kobato 07 – University orz

  1. Maria says:

    I’ll wait for GG before I watch this ep.

  2. Maria says:

    gg referred Domoto as “attractive guy” instead of metrosexual lol

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