Hayate no Gotoku! ch250 – 5th ANNIVERSARY!!

The hat of eternal protection vs the ring of eternal love

After 5 years of serialization, Hayate no Gotoku! continues strong as a fantastic manga thanks to the great abilities of its author Hata Kenjiro, but now that I got that out  of the way, let us look into this chapter shall we?

Last chapter Isumi left Hayate with a choice, protect Nagi and her fortune, or save Athena and cause Nagi to lose that fortune. This entire chapter pretty much focuses on Hayate’s inner struggle

I kinda sympathise with Hayate, although for me the choice is pretty obvious xD

After a long absence, we finally get a chapter with the whole gang, and for their final day they decide to go shopping since they are rich! Of course Maria and Nagi can still notice that Hayate is still looking sad, and what about Hinagiku?

still being emo about last night, I guess it can't be helped

Seeing Hinagiku crying is kinda hard to watch since it makes me feel pretty sad ;__; but these are not the only tears. Spending all day with Nagi and everyone, Hayate can reflect on how much fun he has had with Nagi, but of course his feelings for Athena dont allow him to just ignore her either

A dilema so big even Hayate is brought to tears


Recalling Athena’s words back 10 years ago, Hayate realizes that even if Athena has been trying to push Hayate away and keep him at a distance, she want to be saved, and her heart is screaming…it seems to me Hayate just will not accept to leave A-tan alone, but he will also not allow anything to happen to Nagi! I am betting on something extreme that will allow him to free Athena without crushing the stone, but for now all we can do is wait…HAYATE CHAPTER 251 I CANNOT WAIT!!

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4 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku! ch250 – 5th ANNIVERSARY!!

  1. Maria says:

    Hayate so emo in this chapter.

  2. TS says:

    Girl or Girl, so many choices what’s a man to do.

  3. lawl says:

    geimu, u sux, shana sux!

  4. wolfnagi says:

    Hey game,
    like i said,
    how about calling the entire Kugimiya Legion (Shana.Louise,Taiga and might even Alphose)
    and destory Midas
    Happy end. 🙂

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