Fullmetal Alchemist 33 – Fabulous Insanity

Episode 33 of FMA was pretty good all around, the chase of scar by Kimblee continues, and of course Kimblee is smart enough to figure out where Scar seems to be heading and decides to take chase

Lowly officers shouldnt get in the way of fabulousness

Eventually Kimblee does manage to catch up to Scar, of course this sends Scar on a rampage since Kimblee is the man who killed his people and gave him the scar, and for now it looks like Scar is the stronger one since Kimblee’s skills have gotten a little rusty over time.

It is called a tactical retreat, next time things will surely be different

Even though I doubt this is a serious injury for him (he does have a philosopher’s stone after all), it seems this is it for his case of Scar in the meantime and they wont fight again in a while. However I gotta comment Kimblee is a pretty cool and insane character…he has been impaled and he doesnt even seem to care much lol. Over on the other side, Ed and Al reach Briggs and get greeded by the people there.

Not gonna lie thats some pretty awesome automail

We are finally introduced to Olivier Armstrong, she is a pretty hot blooded person and looks like a real hardass, these kinds of character can be really awesome if done well so im looking forward to next episode, which seems to feature Sloth and a lot of action! Can’t wait

Olivier wants you to read my blog more often!!


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