Nyan Koi 08 – House Infiltration 101

Episode 8 of cat anime Nyan Koi was pretty damn funny, it was definitely a step up from last week’s lackluster onsen episode. One of the many reasons is that we get some nice scenes with Kotone and Akari, and those twins are really awesome together.

Ignoring the fact that they barged in his home...JUNPEI WELL DONE!!

Of course trying to hide his cat curse secret from leaking out in front of his family, he decides to take both sisters out at once by hand. If he is trying to NOT get a harem by the end of this series he is isnt trying too hard 😛

My thoughts exactly

I have to admit even if Akari is tsundere and I almost always lean towards them in preference its hard not to like Kotone’s obsessive compulsive ways of liking Junpei, if someone this cute were to stalk me like that I MIGHT not mind.

It only means she cares for you!!!

His new job is to train Micchi the cat to learn to catch sparrows, of course being absolutely out of shape means he needs to work out. During those workouts Junpei coincidentally runs into Kaede multiple times and of course no cat could ever compare to Kaede in his heart. One thing leads to another and now he is on the track team…of course Kanako wont just idly sit and watch.

If Nagi was a guy, this scene would be x10 more awesome

Btw how is Kotone doing at this time?

You cant have audio without video right?

Of course being with Kaede so much means he has completely forgotten about poor cat Micchi, of course he extracts revenge on Junpei in a devastating way (which produced good lulz), and his reasons behind such a cruel act?

Junpei broke the #1 rule of manhood

After confirming that Junpei indeed wasn’t the one who stole Kaede’s bra on that day and after Micchi went through some rather extreme training, the improved cat suddently increased his manliness in exponential leads, hell even his voice turned into something you’d expect out of Kenshiro which made me LOL pretty hard.

I approve of the new Micchi

Next episode looks like its going to be a swimsuit and pool episode…you’d think we wouldnt have 1 of these after having an onsen episode but oh well we’ll see how it goes.

You can find all the Nyan Koi episodes for download and discussion at brigade.baka-wolf.com

Nyan Koi! Direct Download hosted by Baka-Wolf

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2 Responses to Nyan Koi 08 – House Infiltration 101

  1. Blowen says:

    when the fuck did all this anime come out o.o

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