Kiss x Sis ep 2 – They aren’t blood related so its fine…

I just watched episode 2 of the Kiss x Sis OAD….Seriously wtf did I just watch? O_o I first picked up this OADs because I was absolutely bored and had nothing to watch and the art style looked kinda nice but wow…this episode really goes all out. If Aki Sora wasnt the most fucked up thing I’ve seen this would’ve easily taken that position.

Lets see here…for a karaoke episode there wasnt much Karaokeing  going on…I did like how their implemented their OP song as the karaoke scene but everything after is just…private.

I have to give it to Keita, his self control is legendary…but of course even the mighty have to fall if they get drunk….which they did. All im gonna say is that there was enough ecchi in this episode to have even more “mind” effects on the viewer than a regular hentai would…why am I watching this again? Im not one to enjoy ecchi animes but for some reason I can’t hate Kiss x Sis so the chances of me watching episode 3 come June 2010 (or so it says) are high. Maybe its because unlike other shows this one only comes veery couple of months…oh well for now its time to re-evaluate my tastes in anime I guess….

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3 Responses to Kiss x Sis ep 2 – They aren’t blood related so its fine…

  1. kagamin says:

    you sick, sick bastard.

  2. sam says:

    there is only one thing that pisses me off in this anime, and that is the guys voice. its like a 2 year old in a teenagers body with a voice that is always confused or whining. i just want to fucking punch his lights out and then if i can take over his body and fuck his sisters in the most kinkiest ways possible and be done with it.

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