To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 08 – Headesk edition

Episode 08 of Railgun was pretty damn good, not only do we get some epic Kuroko lulz, Saten being her awesome self, and moe moe Mikoto, we actually have a nice action sequence as well.

Despite being an awesome character, I kinda sympatize with Saten being a level 0, she hangs around Kuroko being a strong level 4 and even Mikoto which is one of the 7 elites in the city….yeah I would feel the same

Unfortunately anime law says you ALWAYS need to train the mind as well

On the Mikoto/Kuroko side, it was quite hilarious seeing Kuroko’s reactions to the actions Mikoto was taking the entire episode, like being unable to “indirectly kiss” her dear onee-sama or just listening to her trying to get info from the guys at the cafe. Many of such actions resulted in situations like this…

Kuroko you do this so much...doesnt this affect your esper abilities?

I almost forget to mention Uiharu was sick so this convinient plot device helped Saten and Uiharu have a nice talk over how they need to work hard to get stronger.

Unfortunately, this is not a shounen series

The highlight of this episode however, was Mikoto trying to find information about the Level  Upper, her first tactic…Moe the enemy into submission

It worked on worked TOO well

Seeing as how that didnt work in the end, she moves on to option 2…shock the information out of them. Of course after totally owning their entire group, their boss (who was pretty damn cool for a minor character) looked to settle things. The fighting was pretty damn good as well….of course like most people in this series however, they dug their own grave….

Unfortunately iron is a good conductor....

After failing to gather any info (and killing the electricity of the entire city), we now get more twists by having Saten find the level upper AND having the people who used them before fall into mysterious comas…oh god I dont like where this is going….Cant wait for episode 9, i’ll be here waiting

You can find all the Railgun episodes for download and discussion at

To Aru Kagaku no Rail Gun Direct Download hosted by Baka-Wolf

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5 Responses to To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 08 – Headesk edition

  1. Sam says:

    First commeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeent woot

  2. Blowen says:

    This blog sux
    why am i reading it >.>

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