xxxHOLiC ch193 – More dreams

Chapter 193 of xxxHOLiC continues to focus on Watanuki and his life as the new owner of the shop. This time he encounters Hakura in the dream world, and apparently Watanuki does have the aility to have a great amount of power

As expected from the other half of the one who inherited Clow's power I guess...

Holic continues to leave me confused but thats normal for a CLAMP manga anyways…Does this mean that Watanuki will eventually get stronger and stronger and be able to use powerful magic like Yuuko? Does this mean that Watanuki really IS Fei Wong in the end? or maybe he ends up being Clow himself!? Gah this is confusin for now I’ll wait for chapter 194, damn you CLAMP!!!

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One Response to xxxHOLiC ch193 – More dreams

  1. Maria says:

    Watanuki will become Yuuko!

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