[EARLY SPOILER]Hayate no Gotoku! ch250

Some screens and small summary of Hayate no Gotoku! ch250 have showed up now, this is the manga’s 5th Anniversary and it deserves an AWESOME color title!

Magazine cover

Now here are some pictures taken from the chapter…

Click to view the pictures

As for the chapter itself…(Highlight to read)


Title: The beginning of the final day.
The chapter starts with 249’s scene with Isumi telling Hayate to make a decision. This day, everyone has gone out shopping.
Hayate still doesn’t make any decision.

Also the other girls are now talking about shopping, and then Ayumu pulls a Kamina-like line (sunglasses included – see spoiler pic above) about not having any regrets. That did reach Hayate, though. He thought about Athena, and the fact that even if she needs help, she’s kept quite about it. Then, at the end, he wonders what should he do.


I shall now wait for official scans and translations

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