Aki Sora OVA PV

Now that I’ve cooled down from Umineko 21 I watched the PV for the Aki Sora OVAs, oh god I lold much, this OVA is going to be something interesting to witness.
The Aki Sora manga is probably one of the most fucked up and most borderline hentai mangas I have ever come across and I am curious to see just how far this OVA will take things.

LOL oh you horny onee-chan....

I honestly cant wait to see how far into the manga they will get, and Im sure for those who have read it…I cant wait to see THAT chapter getting animated xD

Saki Runa FTW!!!!

Christmas is coming early this year

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9 Responses to Aki Sora OVA PV

  1. Pandadice says:

    i’m sure it’ll just be like the first 102 chapters :\. unless the thing gets a TV series after the OVAs explode in popularity, then I don’t see the OVA going that far <.<

  2. Pandadice says:

    1-2* chapters <.<

  3. Game8910 says:

    wait 102 chapters….wtf!?

  4. Pandadice says:

    yeah, my bad. i meant 1-2 chapters <.:(

  5. Maria says:

    Sora gets to load off his stuff inside her o_O

  6. Blowen says:

    i love how this has more comments than any other post

  7. Anonymous says:

    wat anime is this?>

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