Kobato 06 – A day in the life of Ioryogi

Episode 6 of Kobato continues its surprisingly nice mix of filler and manga material, this time we are finally introduced to some of the other unfortunate victims of transformation. It also continues the never ending torment of the debt collectors to sut down the nursery. I havent confirmed it yet but did the collector guy had the Lockon/Roy Mustang voice? I’ll check it later.

Poor Kobato is now troubled by the nursery’s problems too…


Of course the best way to deal with this situation is….

Dammit Fujimoto dont talk to Kobato like that!

The Ioryogi vs Ginsei fight was nicely done as well, I was satisfied with it, these guys are really interesting I wish they could reveal more on them.

Bringing a new meaning to the words "Hot-Dog" *cricket* *cricket*

The story is moving along nicely so far I’ll wait for episode 7 to come, although it looked kinda filler…but then again I just dont remember what happens in the manga anymore….

You can find all the Kobato episodes for download and discussion at brigade.baka-wolf.com

Kobato Direct Download hosted by Baka-Wolf

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3 Responses to Kobato 06 – A day in the life of Ioryogi

  1. Pandadice says:

    is this show really as dramatic as you make it appear to be? by those screen shots I’m *this* close to watching this.. but then i see other things and i’m like “eh..”

  2. Game8910 says:

    No this show is very happy one….at first, it will slowly start to get more serious…this is some of that

  3. Maria says:

    I think the only thing that might have been filler for this ep was the class trip. Rest of the stuff happened in manga if my memory serves well.

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