Hayate no Gotoku! ch249 – F*cking Santa!!!

Oh wow this chapter was pretty damn awesome and it now sets everything up for the grand finale of this Golden Week arc. This has been the longest running arc in this series by far and to be honest it probably is one of the best ones as well. This post is probably the longest I’ll make to date as well 😀

Do you really think you have a chance to win Hayate?

The comes a couple of bombs…


That was bomb #1….MIKADO KNEW! MIKADO FUCKING KNEW EVERYTHING!!! Oh wow I have a suddent rage building up towards him now….


And then comes bomb #2….MIKADO WAS FUCKING SANTA BACK THEN!!! WTF Mikado influenced everything Hayate believes in since he was a kid!? This was even BEFORE he met Athena!!

And if that wasnt enough “OH SHIT” moments now it turns out if Athena isnt saved soon she is a goner and she will forget everything and become a new person…Now its a choice of Nagi’s money vs Athena’s being.

The choice Hayate must make!! If I was him I would pick.....

This really sucks for Hayate, his choice must be made by tomorrow and im sure a lot of shit is gonna go down soon


I cannot fucking wait for chapter 250 and the color page….hopefully it has Athena in it ❤ I now sit here and wait for the early spoilers to come by thursday-friday

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3 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku! ch249 – F*cking Santa!!!

  1. Maria says:

    This chapter was pure win. Loved the way how Sakuya stopped Isumi from destroying the stone.

  2. Hikaru Kairu says:

    Mikadork,you slap him and he will slap you back, really hard ):)

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