11Eyes 07 – Am I watching Index?

Episode 07 of super generic 11Eyes once again manages to bring some nice action to the table. But the main issue here is the awakening of Yuka…which btw has been on a slippery slope to Yandereville  recently.

Look at them eyes lusting for blood

We also got introduced to Index Shiori in battle, of course the episode tried to “hide” who this new character who sudently comes beam spamming the shit out of everyone is….but its obvious enough to guess…also she carries the damn index book and seems to know a shitload of magic spells from it, plus silver hair…where have I seen this before?

Of course on our hero’s end, they also have their hands full with the enemy…

But it seems she didnt cause much trouble...

It is also worth mentioning that Kukuri is OVERPOWERED!! she has already owned 2 bosses with minimal effort…but she is good looking and her weapons are awesome so who gives a fuck…

Oh also Yuka awakens her powers!!! Looks like she is now Imagine Breaker…literally…she will cancel out any power regardless of who wields it. So I come to the conclusion:

Shiori – Index

Yuka – Touma

By the way 1 more thing I would like to point out…

Lisette is CUTE!!!!

You can find all the 11Eyes episodes for download and discussion at brigade.baka-wolf.com

11Eyes Direct Download hosted by Baka-Wolf

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3 Responses to 11Eyes 07 – Am I watching Index?

  1. KennethSS says:

    Kukuri my dear Geimu, not Kukuru. XD

  2. Game8910 says:


  3. Pandadice says:

    lol. hey Kenneth! awesome to see you found your war to Games blog 😀 (not like he isn’t promoting it enough xD)

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