Kanamemo = Finished

After finally deciding to finish some of the series I left unfinished last season, the turn has come for Kanamemo. This series was a hit and miss in some parts, there were some episodes which were very fun to watch, and others which were just painful (musical anyone?). However the last couple of episodes of the series were pretty strong and it really helped the show to end in a rather positive light.

The characters were ok, nothing out of the ordinary….however there is someone I should mention, and that is Kujiin Mika. If you know me well enough u might realize I am a complete sucker for Kugimiya Rie and even more so if she is playing a nice tsundere. In this case she played the role of Mika and I can easily say she made every episode she was in a lot more enjoyable, having her in the last episode made it extra awesome 😀

Pre tsundere mode Mika

Post tsundere mode Mika

Kanamemo, it is a good anime if you have ABSOLUTELY nothing else to watch. Would I recommend it? maybe if you’ve already watched everything I’ve watched

The Final Verdict:
Story – 7/10
Animation – 7.5/10
Sound – 8/10
Characters – 8/10

Overall – 7.3/10

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One Response to Kanamemo = Finished

  1. Maria says:

    Mika = normal school girl Shana?

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