Amanchu! ch10&11 – What is this I’m feeling…

Catching up on Amano Kozue’s new manga Amanchu! I almost hate myself for not reading these chapters earlier….we are introduced to new characters which happened to be the seniors of the diving club.

First of all....Ai's hair is FABULOUS!

These twins are great, Makoto is the passive younger brother and Ai is the energetic and almost kinda “tsun” older sister. I wouldnt call Ai tsundere but after being used to ARIA seeing an aggressive character like her (Akira was only talk, Ai actually hits you!) in a work like this felt….new. But she also loves diving and is actually and awesome artist as well!! Sorry but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE AI DO NOT CLAIM!

I can’t forget Dotty, she is al moe and lovely as ever and she gets plenty of love this chapter. Hikari as well…I am starting to enjoy her character more and more every chapter….OMG WHY MUST U ALWAYS MAKE SUCH GOOD CHARACTERS AMANO-SENSEI!!!!

And of course I cant forget to mention the masterpiece quality art that Amano provides

Click to watch full sized epic

Keep up the good work Amano-sensei, this manga is quickly becoming a personal favourite of mine

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2 Responses to Amanchu! ch10&11 – What is this I’m feeling…

  1. Maria says:

    Dotty and Ai are awesome

  2. Pandadice says:

    GAMEE!!! KissxSis Tv series set for next Spring!! and I can’t even get on the forums to explode my fanboying v_v..

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