xxxHOLiC ch192

This entire shamisen situation has been really confusing for me…Im not really sure whats going on right now other than Watanuki probably accepting prices that are either too small or too large, therefore causing him to hurt himself. There was mention of him almost dying “last time”, now im curious wtf that means….on but at least we kinda got some info on how the Tsubasa crew was doing now that their series is over…

I can't wait for Syaoran and party to show up again

On a related note I have to say for some reason Watanuki keeps reminding me of Clow more even chapter….with the track record of CLAMP mind-fuck plot twists right now I prob wouldnt be surprised if he IS Clow in some way….

Anyways for now I’ll wait for ch193….AND WHERE THE HELL ARE NEW KOBATO CHAPTERS CLAMP!!??

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3 Responses to xxxHOLiC ch192

  1. kevo says:

    You have a blog? Well, looks like you’re getting started just fine. Good luck, mate!

  2. Maria says:

    Watanuki looks cool with that cape.

  3. Game8910 says:

    he looks like CLOW dammit!!

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