The school festival has finally come! The now third year Light Music club is ready to go on stage! But first…Mio and Ritsu must act in a play 😛

I have never been so attracted to Romeo before

With the play done they finally got ready for their grand stage, of course a couple surprises later…they finally managed to perform


For a K-ON scene, this was rather touching (a bit)….anyways I have the feeling this little slice of life series is reaching its end soon….I cant see it going past high school and they are already nearing the end of their third year, unless they plan on promoting Azusa to main and following her third year as well….

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One Response to K-ON! ch42 – SCHOOL FESTIVAL #3

  1. Eater-of-All says:

    That begs the question – how do these slice of life 4komas end? With the main cast gone, I can’t really see them continuing it with a bunch of new characters; you might as well call it New K-On!.

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