I finally finished CANAAN

Well after putting it off for a couple months due to lack of interest I finally managed to finish watching Canaan, and I must say it managed to end with a rather nice ending and the last 3 episodes really helped me like the show a lot more.

Good Things:

Awesome animation

Really good action

Actual english actors for english speaking roles

Liang Qi and Alphard

The villains are more entertaining than the good guys

Bad Things:

The plot was trying to hard  to be something complex

The main good guys were mostly annoying and boring

I still cannot get the image of Ryougi Shiki out of my mind when I see Canaan

Once it was all over with I ended up liking this series more than I expected….although the ending was pretty weird and its left open for future stories, I dont think it was a bad one.


My face while watching CANAAN

The Final Verdict:
Story – 7.8/10
Animation – 9/10
Sound – 8/10
Characters – 7.5/10

Overall – 7.7/10

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4 Responses to I finally finished CANAAN

  1. Pandadice says:

    yeah the series kinda pulled it together in the last episode. Though I didn’t like the very end/set up for a sequel it did..

    and i’d have to disagree with you on Liang Qi.. I dunno why everyone loves her, but I did not like her character.

    but even with an awesome ending, the other half of the series was borderline drop worthy… so the over all series rating is pretty low.

  2. Maria says:

    I only liked Alphard. The rest were okay or just meh.

  3. Game8910 says:

    Alphard was pretty cool…way better than Canaan

  4. atvrcr says:

    I recently finished it as well. It was pretty good, I regret waiting so long to finish it.

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