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The school festival has finally come! The now third year Light Music club is ready to go on stage! But first…Mio and Ritsu must act in a play 😛 Advertisements

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xxxHOLiC ch192

This entire shamisen situation has been really confusing for me…Im not really sure whats going on right now other than Watanuki probably accepting prices that are either too small or too large, therefore causing him to hurt himself. There was … Continue reading

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Umineko no Naku Koro ni 20

This was a pretty different episode than the rest. We had absolutely no development of the crimes in the island but instead focused on pure Maria and Ange development, which wasn’t bad IMO. Before anyone asks, no, I have not … Continue reading

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I finally finished CANAAN

Well after putting it off for a couple months due to lack of interest I finally managed to finish watching Canaan, and I must say it managed to end with a rather nice ending and the last 3 episodes really … Continue reading

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