Hayate no Gotoku! ch248

After realizing Athena is on a different league of power. Isumi decides to retreat with everyone else, I must comment however that her attacks last chapter WERE ABSOLUTELY FREAKING AWESOME!!!

White hair Isumi? I dont mind...really

But we know about them escaping…what happened to Athena? Obligatory Athena page coming

I wish Athena could buy me some burgers ;__;

Anyways Isumi starts explaining her powers and why the Skeleton (speculation points to him being King Midas btw) is so powerful and what could’ve cause her to get possessed despite having such high powers herself. It really wasnt anything we didnt really know much…


Anyways in the end the big decision lays on Hayate’s hands, giving Midas the stone could prove to be a disaster and no, letting Athena borrow the stone is not an option. Im actually glad they covered that field since a lot of chapters back people were discussion why they just couldnt do that. But in the end…

Sucks to be Hayate, really

Even if its only 0.01% chance…remember Gurren Lagann: EVEN 0.01% IS AS GOOD AS 100%

What will Hayate do? Will he destroy the stone and save Athena and potentially the world? or he protects Nagi and let Athena suffer some more….pick wisely Butler in Debt!! I cant wait for chapter 249 to come out.

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2 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku! ch248

  1. Maria says:

    He’ll probably choose the option to protect Nagi… but somehow have Athena suffer not as much?

    He’s gonna go for both pfft. He can’t abandon one of them. Going for the option to make both parties happy.

  2. Game8910 says:

    Going for the harem end?

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