Hayate no Gotoku! ch222-224

I have mixed feelings about this chapters which concluded a small Hinagiku mini-arc. On one side, it was hilarious as hell, on the other side, despite being awesome, Hinagiku’s shyness is REALLY getting annoying to the point where its cuteness is starting to drop.

Some things to highlight, Hinagiku’s imagination is once again EPIC LULZ

seriously, this had me LOLing hard

The volleyball match slowly started degrating into an all out war and hilarity was guaranteed

Hata you are 1 funny bastard

Of course once everything was settled and things retured to Hina x Hayate moments, Hinagiku’s shyness ruins things once again.


of course the arc ends with Hayate promising dinner to Hinagiku but we all know how THAT turned out 😛

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9 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku! ch222-224

  1. Pandadice says:

    you make me want to read this D:

  2. Fantasy_XIII says:

    Where the hell is A-tan, game?

  3. Pandadice says:

    game i got banned from the forums for trolling D:. how do i fix this 😦

    or should i just take the week off and come back when it’s legitly lifted? v_v.. but a week off.. in internet-days thats like… thats like a long time man. i knew i should’ve just gone to bed and not gone crazy by staying up all night…

    the thing that gets me though.. is I’m not entirely sure why i was banned. I mean, it has the reason posted, but I can think of 2 comments that the reason could relate to :\

  4. Pandadice says:

    what irc do you go on? isn’t there like 10 different channels you guys use? -.-…

  5. Maria says:

    I rather enjoyed the chapters with the beach volleyball.

    Loved the rule saying that all girls have to wear swimsuits if they want to play.

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